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Ensuring Compatibility

We partner with the manufacturers who make your roofs so we know our products will work best. We have assembled an always growing list of roof models that our specialty mounts will work with. Check out the sheet to see if your roof is available! If it isn't on the list, give us a call and we'll check against our database. Chances are we got you covered.

We partner with the manufacturers who make your roofs so we know our products will work best.

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Articles & Press 2024

  • QuickBOLT now on Sunnova's Approved Vendor List
    by Mike Wiener on

    QuickBOLT, has some great news. Our fast and error-proof solar mounts can now be found on the Sunnova Approved Vendor List. We're excited to bring our thoughtfully designed and amazingly supported mounts to Sunnova dealers. For your rafter, deck, tile, or stone-coated steel mount needs, please contact a QuickBOLT sales representative or visit your local dealer.

Articles & Press 2022

  • Will Installing Solar Void a Roof Warranty? - UPDATE
    by Mike Wiener on

    Shingle roofs are reliable and a roofing classic, but that doesn’t mean they are a flawless solution. Their installation allows for and often requires more roof penetrations compared to other roofing materials like tile or metal roofing. Despite all those nails and staples in the mix, shingles do their part in keeping the surfaces underneath them dry.

  • An Install on Unfied Steel™ Stone Coated Steel
    by Mike Wiener on

    QuickBOLT recently joined Pete Croft, Brand Manager for Unified Steel™ to observe a solar installation on a PINE-CREST Shake Stone Coated Steel roof install done by Western Roofing Systems. There we learned tips and tricks on how to improve efficiency for a solar installation on this type of roof material.

  • Hello Miami-Dade County NOA!
    by Mike Wiener on

    QuickBOLT’s QB2 with 3” Microflashing® has officially received Miami-Dade County Acceptance meaning easier permitting processes, greater permit approval coverage, and savings on solar installation projects. QB2 received Florida State approval back in January 2021 meeting state requirements and improving the permitting prospects of installers across the state, now Miami-Dade NOA significantly improves the permitting position of QB2.

Articles & Press 2021

  • The Ultimate List of Roofs
    by Mike Wiener on

    With so many buildings in the world, there are an endless amount of roof types, in this article we'll cover the most common roofs. We'll cover the most common residential roof styles, then a few commercial styles for good measure. At the end of each section we'll of course recommend the right solar mounting solution for each kind of roof!

Articles & Press 2020

  • How Are Tile Roof Hooks Made?
    by Mike Wiener on

    Many of you interact with solar mounting roof hooks on a regular basis, perhaps you're an installer, an engineer, a designer, or maybe even a homeowner curious about the process. Of all the different roof hooks available on the market today for installers to choose from, the Tile Hook is one of the most common.

QuickBOLT Partners

We partner with companies that believe in the importance of mounting and providing solutions to installers that improve the industry. Below are just a few of the many companies we work with:




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Mount Basics

Questions Homeowners Don't Ask, But Should

3 Ways Mounts Can Make or Break an Install

Educational Resources

Below are resources that will educate you on our products, their technology, and the history of mounting.

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Learn about our products and the technical aspects of solar mounting through infographics.

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NABCEP Courses

QuickBOLT is a registered provider of NABCEP Continuing Education. Between our four courses listed below, you can earn up to 5.5 total hours of NABCEP credits.

Download the PDF Courses below, watch the online videos, or complete an in-person course to be eligible to receive your credits. Once completed, you can request a signature from your instructor or proxy via email or in-person, then upload to your NABCEP portal to receive the credits. Contact us for any questions.

BoltSeal® - Protect Roof Penetrations without Chemical Sealants

1.50 hrs
NABCEP 2020 CE Conference

In this training you will learn the history of traditional flashing methods, relevant codes, and how innovations in mounting can empower you to install solar quicker and safer. The training will focus on asphalt shingle installations using BoltSeal® powered mounting solutions, which when done right can be used without any chemical sealants at all. Sealant-based solutions have come into question in recent years birthing new technologies like BoltSeal® that don't rely on chemical sealants at all, but rather the brute force of mechanical installation.

Why the Solar Industry Will Only Use Microflashing® in the Future

1.50 hrs
NABCEP 2019 CE Conference
  • This training session will examine the future of mounting solutions and explain the advantages of the QuickBOLT and its innovative Microflashing®
  • You’ll learn the difference between building codes and best practices and how to address conflicting AHJ requirements.
  • We will discuss why Microflashing® is becoming the primary option for Installers looking to safely seal roof penetrations, while still saving time and money. 

Moving Towards Microflashing®

1.50 hrs
NABCEP 2018 CE Conference

Training Description:

  • This training session will walk you through the technological innovations in residential roof flashing methods that have helped Installers efficiently waterproof the roof.
  • You’ll learn the difference between building codes and best practices and how to address conflicting AHJ requirements.
  • We will discuss the future of flashing technology and why Microflashing™ is becoming the primary option for Installers looking to safely prevent leaks and save money on their future projects.
  • Finally, we will cover innovative mounting solutions for Asphalt Shingle, Curved Tile, Flat Tile, and Stone Coated Steel roofs.

Supplemental Materials: 

Making Solar More Affordable Through Innovation

1.50 hrs
NABCEP 2017 CE Conference

Training Description:

  • This training session will walk users through the many options customer can use to install on Residential roofs using the QuickBOLT product line.
  • The trainer will walk through how the parts are made and why certain features benefit the installer. Each mount reviewed will point out best practices on mounting to each specific roof type.
  • By the end of the session the installers will have overall knowledge on what the most economical mounting choices are for the most common residential roof types.