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Why QuickBOLT?

QuickBOLT is a division of Quickscrews International Corporation started in 2009 in a response to the Great Recession. In 2011 our Founder Greg Wiener received his first Patent for a roof mounting structure. QuickBOLT has a wide range of innovative solar mounts for residential and commercial roofs. Starting with One Roof Hook, and growing to over 15 different Roof Hook profiles, QuickBOLT can provide excellent service throughout the continental United States. We can produce custom roof mounting products from start to finish in less than 60 days and are continually working with installers to deliver the exact products needed for any type of roof. Goods are able to arrive anywhere in the country within 4 days due to optimal warehouse locations in California and South Carolina.  

QuickBOLT combined with The World’s First UL Certified Microflashing® is the fastest growing Asphalt Solar Mount in the USA. You can install our Solar mount ON A PITCHED ROOF in less than 30 seconds. 

Founded in 1987 as a fastener Distributor, Quickscrews International Corporation has evolved into one of the world’s leading supplier of woodworking fasteners. Quickscrews has become recognized as a leader in both Quality and Performance. Our highly trained and experienced personnel are ready to discuss your needs and concerns to ensure you get the product you need when you need it.



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