Nothing Seals Like BoltSeal™


Nothing Seals like BoltSeal®

Compression You Can’t Beat

What is mechanical compression?

The term “compression” has been thrown around a lot lately in the solar mounting world. It’s a term we’ve been using for a while to describe how our Microflashing® works in tandem with our bolts to seal penetrations and protect from water. There’s a significant difference with QuickBOLT compression which you can’t find with any other mounting systems.

Our patented “mechanical compression” technology, which we call BoltSeal® does more than compress against the surface of the roof or compress sealant into a hole. We are the only company that provides a type of flashing, Microflashing®, that physically concaves and seals at the point of penetration. But our Microflashing® does not act alone, nor does it work with any old lag bolt. We designed our QB1 bolt with a collar to compress the Microflashing®, and QB2 with a specialized shoulder that engages the L-Foot and Microflashing®. We like to compare this to a cork plugging a wine bottle. QB2’s BoltSeal® allows the mount to close off the penetration while being an entirely self-reliant sealing mechanism. It’s so effective that it has zero reliance on and zero need for chemical sealants.

Intertek ASTM 2140 and ASTM E331 testings have demonstrated that standing water, falling water, dripping water, sparkling water* poses no threat to the BoltSeal® method.

*Sparkling water was not used in Intertek Lab testing; this was merely added for comic relief. These articles can be dry, just like the roof penetration beneath our BoltSealed™ products.

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