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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first article on the QuickBOLT Blog! As we start this up we'll be exploring the exciting new format and the endless possibilities with our content.

I’m Mikey and I’m the new Content Editor for QuickBOLT. I’ll be the main author and editor contributing to the blog. I’m excited to be able to share my thoughts with y'all and develop this format moving forward.

You may be thinking, “Who is this Mikey character? Why should I trust this blog? And finally, why would I bother reading what they put out?

We’ve got loads of answers below.


Who Am I?


Mikey Wiener Quickscrews QuickBOLT portrait blog


Who am I? As you can see in the photo above, I'm a man who likes hats and mugs. Wait, well, that's not entirely relevant, but it does help demonstrate that I am someone with good taste. I’m Mikey Wiener and as I said above, I’m the new content editor at QuickBOLT.

As you may have guessed from the name, I’m a member of the Wiener family, son of Greg Wiener the CEO/owner/founder of Quickscrews and QuickBOLT.

That alone shouldn’t convince you to become a reader, but my background in writing and the solar mounting industry should help pull you in.


How Is This Guy Qualified to Write About the Solar Industry?



How am I qualified to write about the Solar Industry? Well there are plenty of reasons - between my writing experience, my proximity to the family business, my work experience in the field itself, and (most importantly) the articles I'll be publishing weekly for you to judge – I believe I have what it takes to convince you.

First let’s talk about my writing experience - As you can see in the photo above, I have not one but TWO keyboards. Mic drop.

What am I really trying to say with that silly photo? I was the editor at a music school for 3 years, and wrote hundreds of articles during that period on highly technical information for the less-than-technically inclined reader. Point is, I know how to translate industry talk into digestible content. Easy peasy.

You may also wonder, "what’s music blogging have to do with the Solar Industry blogging?" Everything, and nothing. Like I said, covering niche topics is not new to me, and I’m confident we’ll show you that with our blog.

Second, what does my family history have to do with you, as a reader? Great question.


wiener family roadtrip 2020


It gives me a perspective that I believe you could relate to and will be of value to you. You may be part of a small business, you may even run your own small business.

I have grown up in that environment and understand the lifestyle, the constant ups and downs. That will be a constant thread in this blog. The solar industry is so vast and fluid, small businesses pop up and crumble around the clock.

This family company has been around for 33+ years and isn't going away. We've learned to adapt, find quiet in the noise, and get through tough times together.

So at the least, this blog will bring you some solace in the craziness of the industry, and at best make your life and business better.



Why Should You Trust This Blog?


wiener family brothers quickscrews quickbolt company


Why should you trust this blog as your regular source for Solar Industry-related content? Well, in addition to my excellent writing experience, I have 15 years of experience in the solar industry. Many of those years have been spent specifically in marketing and in outside sales. 

So what? Sounds a bit arrogant, I know, but hear me out. Overall, a third of my life has been spent with QuickBOLT, and before that the other third with Quickscrews*.

*A quick note for those of you who do not know - QuickBOLT is a division of Quickscrews International Corporation, which has been a leader in woodworking and specialty fasteners industry for 33+ years.


quickscrews international corporation logo established 1987 


 QuickBOLT Logo World's first UL certified microflashing


My summers were spent in the warehouse sorting screws into Ziploc baggies for customers, a major bragging point at the schoolyard. For sure. Jokes aside, Quickscrews’ 33+ years in the fastening industry is part of what makes QuickBOLT stand so strongly among a crowded market.


We know wood fastening, and solar mounting is simply fastening with roofing material in the equation.


So you can read this blog, and our articles, knowing that an experienced writer is delivering you relevant information from an experienced perspective in your industry of choice. Fantastic!

All the pieces are here, we’ve got a recipe for success in delivering you trustworthy, accurate content. So what else can we do to convince you?


thumbs up: you can trust in quickbolt


Many of you already love what we do, and we hope the rest are open to hearing us out. Either way, we’re committed to proving our value to you.

Let’s answer your last question below.


Why Would I Be Interested in This Blog?


question mark typewriter key


Great question! Why would you? There is no shortage of content on the internet, I subscribe to dozens of online publications to keep up with the industry. Those lovely publications aren't making products that go on the roof though. We do.

We have an intimate knowledge of what installers go through, what distributors deal with, we work with engineers and code associations and are driven to improve your lives with those aims in mind.

That’s why you should follow what we release. We intend to deliver you the goods.

We’ll cover everything solar and industry-related, from building codes to tools of the trade, and even adjacent topics such as construction and DIY. We'll have infographics, product review articles, tutorials, and how-tos! We’ll share videos, interviews, press releases, and interactive content as much as we can, too.

We know our readers may be anything from professional contractors, installing hundreds of kW a day to the weekend warrior looking to install their very own panel array. You may be equipment/materials distributors, brokers, or engineers. Maybe you just love solar! Whoever you are we’ll have relevant content for you. If we don’t deliver, just let us know.

The blog will be educational, informational, entertaining (we hope), and most of all it will be better. Like the QuickBOLT product lines, we aim to always be improving and serving the needs of our audience.

QuickBOLT has been an industry leader for years with our products. We plan to serve your needs and build or maintain your trust with our blog in the same way.

Make sure to sign up for our newsletter below where we'll announce new articles weekly! Please let us know if there is anything you'd like us to cover by commenting below, and reaching out otherwise!


Mikey Wiener - QuickBOLT Content Editor




I can see MIKEY shine through in this blog. It is lighthearted and definitely makes me want to read more. I seee great content for the future

Great first BLOG Mr. Wiener and letting everyone know who you are . Can't wait see the more.

Well done, son looking forward to reading your Blog.

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