Top Mount Solutions - A Love Letter to Our Competitors


Did you know we released the very first modern Top Mount solution to the solar mounting market nearly a decade ago with our patented QuickBOLT? Since then, we've released variations and improvements to the product itself and pushed the industry forward in accepting Top Mount solutions as viable mounting options.

What are Top Mount solutions? Top mount solutions are roofing attachments mounted on top of shingles that do not require lifting those shingles to accommodate the flashing! That way shingles are left intact with nails remaining where originally placed, and installers have an easier time installing the mounts.

Sounds great, doesn't it? We've always thought so but our competitors haven't, until now!

Over the last year or so many of our competitors have released their own Top Mount solutions for asphalt shingle roofs, and we wanted to welcome them to the category.

Competition is good for the industry as a whole, and seeing more Top Mount products enter the market only supports our long-held claims that Top Mounting is not only a viable method but is the best installation method for mounting solar on asphalt shingle roofs.

Read our letter to the competition below - this is an expanded version of the letter you may see in some of our regular advertising partners' media as well.




Dear Competitors,

We'd like to congratulate you on your successful product releases! We appreciate you joining us in the production and promotion of Top Mount solutions for asphalt shingle roofs. It's been lonely over here! 8 years promoting an easier installation method that keeps roof shingles intact has been a unique challenge, and we're glad we have some new friends in the fight!

To clarify what we mean by ‘Top Mount solutions’, we mean roofing attachments that are installed over the shingle and specifically don’t require lifting those shingles to install flashing. We have believed in Top Mounting for nearly a decade, and we are grateful that many of you finally see the light.

Now, let's continue to convince installers and code jurisdictions!


lifting shingles sucks, so is it even necessary or is there a better way? yes.


It's been a long journey, but turning a tanker takes time. And as the saying goes: a rising tide lifts all ships! We're excited to see you putting Top Mounting attachments into your lineups. As pioneers in the Top Mounting method, we’re thrilled to see products inspired by our QuickBOLT and Microflashing solutions! It's validating for us, and we know that it will serve the entire industry.

It would seem we're finally on the same page: lifting shingles is worse than the alternative.

...finally on the same page as us: lifting shingles is worse than the alternative. 

Lifting shingles has never made sense to us. Why ruin the seals left between previously laid shingles, rip up nails, and create more holes in the roof when you could simply install on top of the existing shingles? You don't need to. That was our answer and THAT was why we introduced the first-ever compression-based mounting solution: our beloved namesake, the QuickBOLT.

We work every day to make lifting those damned shingles a thing of the past, and, old pals, we’re delighted to share the effort with you.



Installers are Coming Around

Installers took a leap with us years ago and have been happily reducing their installation woes since 2010. The others will come around, it's only a matter of time! With every new Top Mount product that enters the market, the fight gets a little bit easier.



It's just too darn hard to ignore the benefits of using Top Mount products nowadays. We're happy to have done the heavy lifting, but we like leading the pack in that way. All in all, we’re confident that your products will create some happy customers, just like ours have.


We’re Now Sharing the Top Mount Dream!

So, to the companies that have recently released Top Mount solutions as well as the companies that plan to come up with their own versions of a Top Mounting product, we want to thank you and wish you well! We’ll offer some final inspirational words before wrapping up this letter:

Shrug away the haters, the naysayers, and stay strong! Take our proven track record as encouragement and a reference point. 

8 years ago most of the industry dismissed our QuickBOLT, and many scoffed at ditching sheet metal flashing. Everyone else had simply accepted the status quo, but we knew better and so do you. Installers deserve the best methods.

So that’s our advice to y’all. Stay strong! Stay strong and stand behind your products as we have long stood behind our QuickBOLT and Microflashing® options.


In conclusion, know that we’re rooting for you. Your success is our success, and together all of our customers win. That’s the beauty of innovation and friendly competition.


With Love, QuickBOLT <3



intersted in quickbolts? click here to go to the asphalt tpo epdm roof mounting page on our website


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