SolarRoofHook's Rick Gentry explains How To Reduce Costs for Solar Installers on Barry Cinnamon's The Energy Show

With much higher volume manufacturing, prices for solar panels have come down tremendously over the past 20 years — from about $1,000 each to less than $200. But solar panels are still very time consuming to install on a roof in a way that will last 25+ years without leaks. The majority of this rooftop work is on the flashings, roof hooks, and special roof mount components.

A few companies specialize in manufacturing solar roof mounts. As a solar contractor I like to try out new products in an effort to reduce my installation costs while still maintaining high quality installations. One of the leading roof mount companies is SolarRoofHook, with offices in Livermore, California and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

My guest on this week’s show is Rick Gentry, Executive Vice President at SolarRoofHook. Over the years Rick has been instrumental in developing new roof attachment products that are both reliable and easier to install. Please join me on this week’s Energy Show on Renewable Energy World as Rick explains the ways these roof mounts prevent leaks through the roof, the corrosion-proof fasteners that are used, and key considerations that homeowners and contractors should keep in mind when selecting roof attachment products.

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Executive VP Rick Gentry discusses the Residential Solar Industry on Green Sense Radio (0:00-9:00)

Going green is about more than sexy, high-tech hardware. Just as important are the “nuts and bolts” of sustainability. SolarRoofHook’s been growing rapidly in the solar industry by working its niche by providing innovative, simple, and effective mounting solutions for residential roof. Joining us is Rick Gentry, VP of Sales for SolarRoofHook.

The Institute for the Future recently took part in the US Chamber of Commerce’s Food Forward Summit. Joining is us Sarah Smith with the IFTF’s Food Futures Lab to share with us some of their new insights on Food Innovation.   The Chicago River is nationally known for being died green every St. Patrick’s Day. But there’s much more   - it’s a 156-mile river system that’s a story of  a polluted, industrial waterway that’s on its way to becoming ecologically healthy. Joining is us Margaret Frisbie, Executive Director of the Friends of the Chicago River.  

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SolarRoofHook, Provider of Solar Mounts on Solar Power World

In this podcast, SolarRoofHook Executive Vice President Rick Gentry talks about the company, its products and why customers would choose SolarRoofHook over its competitors. SolarRoofHook is a division of Quickscrews International Corporation, offering a wide range of products for mounting solar panels onto residential roofs. The company can produce custom products in 60 days and are continually working with solar installers to deliver the exact products needed for any type of roof. Products are stocked in Livermore, California, and Rock Hill, South Carolina, allowing SolarRoofHook to meet the needs of any company or individual nationwide.

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