Expand Your Services with Solar Installation Solutions

Roofing contractors have been expanding into solar faster than ever before. Redoing a roof and adding a solar system at the same time is an attractive option to homeowners and allows you to see every step of the project through.

Bring your expertise to where it meets solar – on the roof. Effective rooftop mounting solutions are the bridge between a roof and the solar array, and knowing your way around them is key to a successful solar installation business. QuickBOLT is a leader in supplying solar mounts that are straightforward to install for first time users. Thousands of our customers have grown their businesses from the ground up by choosing our mounts for the ease of installation and proven reliability.

35 years of experience in the wood fastening industry has made us experts in creating the best screws for solar mounts, which is how we developed our patented BoltSeal® technology used in our QB2 mounts for Asphalt Shingle, EDPM and TPO roofs. These over-the-shingle mounts include 3 parts: a stainless-steel L-foot, stainless-steel Microflashing® with an EPDM layer, and a stainless-steel lag screw. The shoulder of the screw is wider than the hole of the Microflashing® so that when you drive, the flashing is compressed downwards to seal the mounts at the point of penetration. By mounting over the shingle with fewer parts, you can cut your install time in half compared to traditional flashing methods.

QB2 is Intertek lab tested (ASTM E331, E2140, D7147, & TAS 100(A)), UL Certified and Florida approved – all without sealant so you can feel confident knowing the roof is protected from water penetration and moisture. Our parts are warrantied for 25 years, and QuickBOLT is the preferred mounting solution under SolarInsure’s 30 year parts and labor warranty. With 10 years of installations and zero reported leaks, our BoltSeal® powered solutions are a no-brainer.

We have a mounting solution for the most common roofs, and specialty roofs like Stone Coated Steel – also known as stamped metal, metal tile, or metal shingle. This incredibly durable roofing material is quickly becoming more popular and it is extremely simple to install solar on with QuickBOLT mounting hooks. You can see how in this article, which includes a helpful how-to video.

QuickBOLT is your one-stop shop for all your solar mounting needs, with a variety of mounts that work for multiple roof types and include the best mounting screws in the business. We have the tools you’ll need to simplify your solar installations. Whether you’re a roofer breaking into solar or an experienced installer expanding your services, we’re here to offer solutions that will help you grow your business and bring in more income.


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