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oasis air and solar logo"We enjoy using the 17540 Non Adjustable Roof Hooks. They are quick and easy to install." 

- Harlan Ode, Oasis Air and Solar

"QuickBolt is one of our go-to products for installing attachments. They're really easy to use, they're reliable, and they reduce the amount of time it takes to do the job really well. We highly recommend using QuickBOLT." 

--David Ayala, Senior Project Manager, Sunistics Group

“We are committed to our State and its energy needs, and continuously seek best practices in everything we do and choose supply partnerships that support our mission. Protecting the integrity of shingle roofing is critical, which is why we use QuickBOLT. The Low Profile QuickBOLT lowers our hardware and installation costs by 25%. Save time, save money, save the planet.”


--Steve Nicolas, President, NC Solar Now


“Not only do you skip the whole 'shingle lifting and nail fun,' but you can carry 20 flashings in a small pouch!


--Ian Huddleston, GTRE Greene Tech Renewable Energy LLC


“Once I saw the QuickBOLT, I knew that’s what my guys were going to use. We liked how simple it made the installation process go. We won’t be using anything else on Asphalt Shingle roofs.”


--Tone Nichols, Owner, TableRock Solar


“QuickBOLT: a simple solution to a simple problem.


--Daryl Dejoy, NABCEP Certified Installer & Owner, Penobscot Solar Design


“We love working with other family owned businesses, especially ones like QuickBOLT that help us make installations easier, faster, and secure. Their QuickBOLT & Microflashing for Asphalt Shingle roofs are our go-to mounting solution. They just work. Big thanks to Stu Tinker for setting us up-- that man knows how to get things done.”


--Roberto Helmeyer, Chief Engineer, RC Construction Solar

  “Really love using QuickBOLT. Stuart is a great rep who is always available and we love using their products.”


--John Leonard, Sales, Emerald Energy

 “I never realized how much I would love LSD until I found the QuickBOLT. (Labor Saving Design)”


--Jason Fox, Owner, Carlsbad Solar


 “The perfect solution for my installation. Simple to use and it was great not having to lift the shingles.”


--Glenn Livingston, DIY Residential Install, Massachusets 

 “The crew loved love the QuickBOLT and couldn't ask for a better mounting solution.”


--Joe Kaminski, Sunrise Solar, Texas


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